Thursday, June 6, 2013

About Reggio.Brown Photography©

Originally a sports photographer, I started with pets and people by accident while volunteering with an animal rescue group.  I use a blog to keep overhead down and costs to the consumer low.  

I live outside of Asheville, NC.  You can reach me at 828-808-8864.

Pet portraits are done differently.  To keep costs down, I don't keep a studio.  I photograph cats in their own home, using props I bring along myself.  Cats can get very stressed when taken out of their own environment and in order to achieve a great shot, their comfort is key.

I like to photograph dogs outdoors.  Playing, jumping, or posed, capturing them at their best.  So I'll meet you in a designated location and capture your best friend and/or you having fun.

My fees are $150 per shoot, not per hour.  In exchange you will get a disk with all of your photographs on them so you may choose which to print, share, or enlargement sizes.  I leave that up to the customer.

Senior Portraits

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